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After attacking Obama’s use of TelePrompter - Marco Rubio loses last page of speech, can’t continue.

“The most articulate and talented teleprompter reader in America.”
    — Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), quoted by the New York Times, mocking President                                             Obama in 2010.

“I left my last page of the speech, does anyone have my last page? Did I Ieave it with you?”
— Rubio, while giving a speech today at the Brookings Institution.

Video via BuzzFeed:

If only there was a better way Senator… if only there was a better way.

Y’know I have never and will never get what the deal is with the right’s problem with teleprompters. There have always been speechwriters, not every word that comes out of a politicians mouth came out of their head. All teleprompters do is use technology to display speeches in a way that allows the politician to maintain eye contact with their audience rather than fumbling around with pieces of paper on a podium.


I, for one, am outraged that this presidency is not one big 4-year improv set.

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    Perhaps they are confused on how teleprompters work. They clearly had no idea about the Internet in 2008.
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    Republican hypocrisy bites em in the ass
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    not as hilarious as i had hoped, but still good
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